Relationships go through stages.
A thriving relationship is the 5th stage.
  • Deep Connection.
  • Fulfillment.
  • Trust.
  • Passion.
All part of a long term thriving relationship.
The first stage is easy- Romance:
  • New Relationship Energy.
  • Ease.
  • Passion.
  • Seeing our partner’s best.
  • Connection.
  • Hopefulness.
  • Blissed out from happy love chemicals flooding our brain.
The second stage shit gets real- The Power Struggle:
  • Disconnection.
  • Disillusionment.
  • Seeing our partner’s worst.
  • Conflict.
  • Negative reactive cycles.
  • Settling.
  • The happy love chemicals have faded.
Many relationship never make it past the Power Struggle.
Even long term relationships can get stuck in the Power Struggle for a long, long time.
Even thriving relationships can be knocked back down into the power struggle with new life challenges (new job, new kids, new relationships).
The third stage- The Way Out
Its not a secret, in fact there is a big hint on my shirt, but I’d rather tell you in person.

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