I have wanted other things more than lovers …
I have desired peace, intimately to know
The secret curves of deep-bosomed contentment,
To learn by heart things beautiful and slow.
Cities at night, and cloudful skies, I’ve wanted;
And open cottage doors, old colors and smells a part;
All dim things, layers of river-mist on river–
To capture Beauty’s hands and lay them on my heart.
I have wanted clean rain to kiss my eyelids,
Sea-spray and silver foam to kiss my mouth.
I have wanted strong winds to flay me with passion;
And, to soothe me, tired winds from the south.
These things have I wanted more than lovers…
Jewels in my hands, and dew on morning grass–
Familiar things, while lovers have been strangers.
Friended thus, I have let nothing pass.
-Monody to the Sound of Zithers
by Kay Boyle
This poem was sent to me by one of my best friends.
I went on a hike today with different best friend and was reminded of why all relationships are so valuable. We all need tribe.
Having that deep trust and security and knowing with the people you love so that when you realize it’s been 3 months since you’ve actually talked and in that time that the two of you have gotten covid, traveled thousands of miles, made major life changes but you get together and that deep trust and security is as strong as ever.
Having that kick in the butt out of my post viral fatigue to make a fb post to let people know that I’m still alive and have room for new clients.

My friend and I on a hike

Me standing on log with arms open

My friend on log in tree pose

Thanks friend, glad to have captured Beauty’s hands with you today 💜