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What does polyamory inclusive coaching mean? Never heard the term before? Me neither. I made it up because it’s what I offer and want the norm to be.
All of our media, movies, music, messages we get from every direction say monogamy is the ideal and lets be honest, sometimes it gets downright toxic. The goal of dating and relationships is to find that one special person who completes you, meets your every need, belongs to you. These messages normalize jealousy, enmeshment and even resentment and dishonesty.
Is your spouse a ball and chain? Who would ever want that?? Your relationships should be a jetpack!
Breaking free of the toxic monogamous narrative is liberating and empowering and often messy as fuck.
It requires untangling:
  • What do I believe about relationships and what was I taught about relationships?
  • Am I feeling jealous because I’m insecure and afraid or do I have valid needs that are being ignored?
  • What do I even want from a relationship? What do I need in a relationship?
And that’s why I’m here to help.
There are huge benefits to doing this messy work. Successful polyamourous relationships end up with
  • Better communication
  • More intention
  • More connection
  • Increased sense of self and autonomy
So why not just be a polyamorous relationship coach and be done with it? Why be polyamory inclusive?
Because monogamy can also be a valid and healthy relationship structure. Whatever sexual and emotional boundaries that fulfill both you and your partner is what’s best for your relationship. But monogamous relationships can still benefit from untangling and getting rid of jealousy, enmeshment, resentment and dishonesty. Monogamous relationships deserve more and better communication, intention, connection and autonomy too.
Most relationship coaches and therapists are incredibly mononormative and never see these amazing benefits in their clients because they just see the messy part, blame just the polyamory and throw a wrench in the relationship’s growth.
I’m a polyamory inclusive coach because I don’t assume to know what relationship structure will work best for you, but I know that the benefits I found through my practice of polyamory are available to everyone.